Sunday, January 9, 2011

These Boots Were Made for Walking: Wooly White Superfeet inserts

Yesterday while out shopping, I spotted a small crowd gathered around an UGG boot display at Nordstrom. This is not unusual as the shoe section of Nordstrom is basically taken over by UGGs during winter months, but this crowd seemed to centered at a certain table. I made my way over and discovered what was causing all the commotion:

Wooly White Superfeet had arrived!

These babies are so new that they aren't even listed on the Nordstrom or the Superfeet website yet!

I'd heard about them initially back in November when my local Fleet Feet sent out an email saying that they had a limited edition order of about 25 pairs. Of course, those were gone by the time I finished reading the email. So when I realized that the inserts had finally been released, I pounced.

Why the excitement?

Well, for a few reasons. First, my UGG boots are about four years old. They are still in great condition and I don't need a new pair anytime soon, but the original insoles were a complete mess. There seems to be a split of opinion on wearing UGGs with or without socks: I wear mine without socks so I need the insole to be soft and comfortable against my feet. Many a time I'd consider purchasing these new insole inserts but for one reason or another, I'd change my mind.

Second, UGGs are constantly being criticized for having zero arch support. Now I don't wear mine day in and day out, but when I do wear them, I have noticed that my feet can get a little cramped after too much walking. I've used Green Superfeet before for running and adore the support that they offer so I had high hopes for using the Wooly White Superfeet with my UGGs.

The scariest thing about using Superfeet is that you are responsible for cutting them to size. The sales associate at Nordstrom offered to cut them for me, but I didn't have my UGGs with me yesterday so I wasn't sure about how much she should cut. Ultimately I figured since I had successfully cut my Green Superfeet, I could cut the Wooly White ones.

The instructions for cutting Superfeet are pretty straightforward: remove your old insoles, place them on top of the Superfeet with the heel and the interior arch lined up, and then trace the outline of the old insole onto the Superfeet. Once you have a line, use some scissors to cut along the outside of the line. It might take some trial and error to get the Superfeet to fit perfectly, but make sure not to cut them too short!

*Note* Above, the left picture is of the line traced on the left insert. The right picture is me cutting the right insert.

I got the sizing right on the first try and the new inserts feel great. In fact, I've been trotting around the house in my boots all morning, enjoying the simultaneous warmth and support! True, these inserts are expensive, but Superfeet offers a 60 day fit guarantee and a one year warranty. Personally I've found that my previous Superfeet lasted longer than the one year and as far as I'm concerned, I'm saving at least $100 because now I don't need to buy a new pair of UGG boots!

Happy Sunday!

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