Friday, January 14, 2011

Queen Song of the Week: Get Down, Make Love

The next song from Queen's 1982 concert at the Milton Keynes Bowl is Get Down, Make Love. This is a rather polarizing song by the band, with some fans finding it absolutely atrocious and others quite liking it.

I'm in the latter category myself.

Get Down, Make Love appeared on the band's 1977 album News of the World. It was written by Freddie Mercury and was not released as a single.

Yes, the lyrics are ridiculous, beyond laughable, but perhaps I'm just used to that. After all, I'm an RT fan, and while he didn't write the lyrics to this song, he's definitely written some doosies in his day. If you can find a way to get past what Freddie is actually singing, the tune and theme of the song is kind of fun.

And the stage experience is pretty cool. Queen tended to experiment with lighting during their concerts, trying to tie the whole visual and audio experience together. This song in particular, with its psychedelic undertones, lends really well to the spectacle of a full stage production.

This song has also been covered by quite a few artists. Most recently, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails released his own studio version, after performing the song live for quite some time. True to his style, he plays up the "creepy" aspect of this song a bit more than I like, but he does seem to be getting some positive feedback. Click here to hear his version.

Happy Listening!

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  1. wacky! and trent reznor, he's simultaneously creepy and intriguing!