Friday, November 7, 2014

Stitch Fix #6

Earlier this week, my sixth Stitch Fix delivery arrived. This might confuse some readers because the last Stitch Fix review I posted was way back in May and titled "Stitch Fix #3". The truth is that in the interim I received two boxes, decided to return everything and was, in fact, so uninspired by my stylist's selections that I couldn't even be bothered to take pictures of the pieces.

I'll briefly sum up Fixes #4 and #5 before moving onto my current Fix.

Fix #4:

This Fix was scheduled to arrive a few days before my Queen + Adam Lambert concert.  I took advantage of the timing and specifically asked for an "edgy" piece that I could wear to the event. The top that arrived was so completely "not edgy", I became convinced my stylist didn't know the definition of the word: it was paisley and made of silk. AND it didn't even fit. In all my fixes, I've had issues with style but never with fit so I was very confused. The other four items baffled me even more: they had finally heeded my "no polyester" plea, but instead had sent all silk items. Was I not clear that I have a two-year old? That I stay at home with him? There seemed to be a whole field of cotton (ha!) clothing that Stitch Fix was deliberately ignoring.

I actually sent an email after this Fix explaining my unhappiness. They replied promptly and refunded my $20 styling credit, which was nice, but honestly I would have preferred if they had just gotten their act together!

Fix #5:

Sadly, that was not the case for my fifth Fix. I noticed that the Style Profile had been slightly updated so I went into amend some of my choices. One question asked "Are you pregnant?" Well, I am (yay!) so I checked the box "Yes" and included my due date (April). Note this Fix was scheduled for September, meaning I was approximately 15 minutes pregnant at this point. So my box arrives and - guess what? - Stitch Fix does maternity clothes now. You'd think I'd be excited but I wasn't for two reasons: first, I'm 5'9" so I barely start showing before 20 weeks so I really wasn't ready for maternity clothes back in September and second, they were seriously the most boring, ugly, expensive maternity clothes I've ever seen. A grey t-shirt with side ruching that I could find for $10 at Old Navy and a burgundy wrap front dress that barely covered my essentials when I didn't have a big old bump hanging off the front of me. Additionally, they committed what I consider to be a cardinal sin of styling: they sent me the exact same top that I had already completely and utterly rejected once before. Did they think I'd forgotten? Or that I'd like the way it clung to my new pregnancy lumps and bumps? To their credit (I guess) nothing was silk.

I didn't email again because I figured they'd just tell me to take a hike rather than reimbursing a second styling fee (luckily this is all pretend money due to referral credits), but I did completely revamp my style profile. I basically made it clear that I wanted my feedback reviewed and used to pick items and that I didn't feel like this was happening. I specifically asked for longer items that I can wear with leggings and specified that I only wanted tops. No more dresses or skirts.

So Fix #6 shipped and I decided to peek at its contents in order to manage my expectations. I was very pleased, dare I say excited, to see some of the selections so I was very anxious for my package to arrive.

My stylist for this Fix was Staci. Her note said:

Hi Kathleen! I was so excited to style you for this Fix! I reviewed your blog post, your Pinterest board, and what kinds of pieces you would like to avoid. I have been specializing in putting together Fixes for our wonderful pregnant clients, and it seems like you are not interested in receiving only maternity pieces, so I sent some regular pieces that can accommodate your growing baby bump. The Skies are Blue mixed print blouse is so cute with your favorite pair of jeans, and the rayon fabric can be washed (we recommend hang dry). The Evolution by Cyrus sweater has fun colors, and is super cozy. Both the Eight Sixty and the Tart pink top will grow with you. The colors are fantastic! The RD Style sweater is a fantastic layering piece to keep you cozy. Please let us know your thoughts! Best, Staci

Let me just say upfront: Staci hit this one out of the park. Every piece she selected was totally my style and something I could see myself wearing. Ultimately I'm only keeping one - maybe two if I'm feeling saucy - pieces, but I liked each and every one and haven't had such a hard time making a selection since my first Fix!

Evolution by Cyrus Shelby Heathered Colorblock Sweater, size Medium ($68)
Initially I thought this sweater might be too short and I imagined having to wear it over a chambray shirt I just snagged on super sale at Gap, but the length here is fine. There is even some stretchiness in the sweater so I could grow out a bit before the length started to creep up on me. But that also essentially means ruining the sweater so I couldn't wear it post-maternity. It was soft but not terribly warm and I worried that the knit might be a bit delicate for Toddler O. If I was keeping the whole box, this baby would definitely be coming along for the ride, but alas it was not meant to be.
Verdict: Return
Skies are Blue Haddie Mixed Print Tie-Neck Top, size Medium ($54)

Staci definitely took a chance sending this top since it has "tie-neck" in the item description (and I specifically said that I'm not a fan of ties), but these ties are subtle enough and the rest of the shirt is cute enough that I was willing to forgive her! What I can't look past is the fact that I'm 18 weeks along and this shirt was already very snug across my tummy. I haven't even really "popped" yet so I'm guessing I'd only have a few weeks with this little pretty before it became unwearable until next fall.

Verdict: Return

Tart Maternity Darya Empire Waist Maternity Knit Top, size Medium ($108)
I saw the price tag on this top and thought, "Hahaha. Nice try, Stitch Fix. There's no way I'm keeping this one." Then I asked Husband to take my photos and put this one on first. He immediately loved it! Once I saw the pictures, I really do too. Yikes! It's a super soft buttery fabric (Modal/Cotton blend - yummy!) and is nice and stretchy. I can totally see wearing this for the next 4.5 months and then some (because doesn't the top look just perfect for nursing?) Unfortunately it'll be April when I deliver so how after a few weeks I'll have to put this away until fall and then there's no telling what condition it will be in. I'm also slightly *ahem* fuller in the chestial region right now than I normally am so I might not have enough to hold this shirt up down the road! If it was $50, $60, probably even $70 I'd absolutely keep it, but even with my referral credits, at $108 it's a huge purchase.
Verdict: Sadly, return
Eight Sixty Maria Maternity Scoop Neck Eyelet Trim Knit Top, size Medium ($88)
I was most excited about seeing this shirt in my Fix because I'm all about lace/eyelet. The color is a super dark eggplant color (it actually looked black on my style card and I was sad for a minute that I didn't receive the pretty purple I'd seen online). The sleeves are eyelet without a lining, which I can live with, but won't exactly keep me warm once feet of snow starts falling! The material is super stretchy and I'll have to take Staci's word for it that it would have grown with my bump because it already seemed a little snug with nary a bump to speak of. As you can see, there is definitely lightness across the chest where the fabric is pulling significantly so basically by the time I deliver, the whole front of the top would be white and see through? I was imagining this as more of a tunic that I could wear with leggings but this would definitely need pants underneath. As pretty as it is, I'm not convinced it fits me properly and don't want to find out in February that I've made a $88 mistake.
Verdict: Return
RD Style Arleen Colorblocked Open Cardigan, size Medium ($74)
Ah what pregnant lady doesn't want to look like a grandpa? I know this one does! This sweater is super cozy, nice and long, and NOT maternity. So I can wear it with leggings now and then again forever and ever without it stretching out! The color on my style card is more grey and I wish I had gotten that version because this taupe reminds me just a bit of this cutie that I splurged on a few months ago. However, I have been wearing the heck out of the Cabi sweater so I figure another super cozy sweater is a good thing. I'm probably not going to invest in a winter maternity coat (because I won't be that big and I'm cheap) so lately I've just been laying up as much as I can: t-shirt, button down, big fuzzy sweater. Perfection! And this sweater has pockets so score!
Verdict: Keeping (unless I'm convinced to keep the Tart top in which case this lovely will be returned!)
So all in all, my 6th Fix was successful! I'm definitely requesting Staci again and I'm excited to finally have found a stylist that "gets" me.
*Disclaimer* I was not compensated for this post. However, if you sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link then I get a $25 credit. Then you get your own link and can get credits for signing up your friends. How awesome is that?