Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bare Escentuals Review: High Shine Eyecolor in Glisten

Last week a girlfriend and I stopped in at the Bare Escentuals store at our local mall. I've used the foundation for about six months and was raving about it. My friend was curious and made an appointment with a consultant to try it out. Never one to turn down a makeover, I met with a consultant as well for some tips on using Bare Escentuals eye shadows, which I've been dying to try.

While we waited for our appointments, I spotted the High Shine Eyecolor and thought it looked pretty great. Ultimately, I ended up buying another product, but when later that evening I needed to spend an extra $15 at Sephora to get free shipping, it seemed like a great idea to add this particular shadow to my cart. I picked the color Glisten, a bronze shade, because it's unlike anything I currently own and I'm always excited to try new makeup looks.

My Sephora order arrived on Tuesday and I was eager to try out my new products right away.

Here's the final results. To make sure that the focus is on the eye shadow, I'm not wearing any other makeup.
Products used:
Bare Escentuals Dark Brown Eyecolow from Meet the Browns Shadow Kit
Mally Milk Chocolate Eye Liner from Prime Time Evercolor Starlight Liners

My biggest complaint about the High Shine Eyecolor is that it's a freakin' mess. Seriously. Can you see the little gold speckles across my cheeks? The only way I could ever wear this in public is if I did my eyes first, used makeup remover to tidy up, and then put on my foundation afterwards.

I think part of the problem with this product is that when it's brand new, the product just collects on the applicator. You can see that the color extends far beyond the sponge applicator tip. In the store, when I was trying out this product, it was less messy which I can only assume was because the product had been opened for a while and was less full. If you can get past the initial messy stage, it seems to get slightly better.
The product goes on smoothly and the color is bright without being too glittery or young looking. In retrospect, I wish I had chosen a darker color because the gold isn't really doing much for me. To try to give my eyes more emphasis, I blended some of the Dark Brown eyeshadow into the crease and used my Mally eyeliner.

The final look is nice enough, but it really didn't wow me. If I'm going to alter my makeup routine completely to account for all the mess that this product will make, I want the results to be fabulous. Perhaps a different color would win me over, but Glisten is going back.

I did receive some other goodies in my Sephora order that I'll review soon!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i think the gold looks pretty on you! but yes, i would go nuts with all the sparkliness getting all over me! sounds very high maintenance...

  2. Thanks for the honest review....I hear you on having to go back and "clean up"...that would suck...I liked to be wowed too:)

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  3. The color is very pretty too bad it makes such a mess! I cannot handle eyeshadows that make messes!

  4. I've always been curious about Bare Escentuals but have never to try their products or go to their stores - do their face powders really work well as foundations and concealers? I'd love to see a Bare Escentuals review!

  5. You should try using a Q-tip to apply the shadow instead of the applicator tip. Just a suggestion. The Q-tips swabs do work quite well for makeup applications - also for spot makeup cleanup!!