Friday, July 9, 2010

Queen Song of the Week: See What a Fool I've Been

See What a Fool I've Been was written by Dr. May. It was the B-side to the single Seven Seas of Rhye, which was the band's first hit peaking at #10 on the U.K. charts. The song didn't appear on any of Queen's studio albums until a 1991 Hollywood Records reissue of Queen II which included the track.

Can I make a confession?

There are three songs left in the set list from the 1975 Christmas Eve show at the Hammersmith Odeon. And before I decided to feature them as Queen Songs of the Week, I'd never heard them. It is even more egregious that I'd never listened to this song before since I'd previously used it as a post title (see here). I know guys, I'm a horrible Queen fan. I apologize.

See What a Fool I've Been is a straight up blues song. On first listen I actually liked it a lot which doesn't always happen with Queen songs (I've written previously about how many of their songs take a few listens before I warm to them). The song has a few mini guitar solos by Dr. May and a strong rhythm section performed by RT and John Deacon. Because the song didn't appear on the original release of Queen II, unfortunately there's no write up about it on Bechstein Debauchery, my go-to website for information on more obscure Queen tracks. That said, I don't have much else to say about the song, but hopefully you'll give it a listen - I'm glad I did!

Happy Listening!

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