Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meeting Brian May: What Should I Wear? (A Princess of Taylor Poll)

Currently, Dr. Brian May, best known as the guitarist in Queen, is touring the U.S. on a book tour and signing for his stereoscopic book "A Village Lost and Found" (click here). Last weekend, he was in Ohio, this weekend he's in NYC, and next week he's in Philadelphia. Anyone who has even come across my blog in passing over the past few weeks knows that this Friday I will be heading to NYC for a lecture and book signing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (click here to purchase tickets). I'm going to meet Dr. May. There's no maybe about it - I'm going to his book signing and though I've never been to a proper book signing, one thing I do know is that the attendee gets to meet the author.


A signed book is fine, but my big hope for the book signing is a photograph. I think it would be awesome to use for my blog banner, the redesign of which my sister has temporarily put on hold in anticipation of this photo being taken.

Though I'll be the first to admit that Dr. May isn't my favorite member of Queen (that honor will always go to my dear RT), I've really come to appreciate him recently. His devotion to his Save Me campaign has really impressed me - so often celebrities talk about a cause, but rarely do they take action. And since RT seems to have some sort of an aversion to the U.S., John Deacon is totally out of the public eye, and Freddie Mercury is dead, this is likely my only chance to meet a member of my favorite band.

In short, this is a big deal.

I've identified four potential dresses to wear to meet Dr. May on Friday. I've listed Pros and Cons for each dress. These Pros/Cons won't be a definitive list, but just a jumping off point. By Thursday, I'll have a winner identified and then hopefully on Saturday, I'll be posting a glorious picture of myself with Dr. May.

To the dresses!

Option 1: Secret Treasure Dress, Anthropologie
Pros: Cotton, comfortable, pockets, complies with Kendi's challenge (click here)
Cons: Too bright? Wrinkles easily.

Option 2: Silk Dress with Ruffle V-Neck, Ann Taylor Loft
Pros: Brown (which my mom claims will make people, i.e. Dr. May, trust me), from my blog's namesake
Cons: No pockets. Wrinkles easily?

Option 3: Banana Republic Dress
Pros: Pretty coral color, nice pattern
Cons: No pockets. Very form fitting (i.e. minimal eating that day...which is probably a good thing!).

Option 4: Swirling Villages, Surplice Dress, Anthropologie
Pros: Pockets, complies with Kendi's challenge
Cons: Comfortable to sit in? Wrinkles easily.

So everyone please vote by Thursday. EDIT (thanks to Lisa's comment for reminding me) - I have the option of changing somewhere before the signing so I won't have to wear my outfit around the City all day beforehand! So keep that in mind when voting!

Usually I ask for advice from readers with a general opinion that I'm hoping to confirm, but not this time. I have no clue what to do so this decision is basically going to be up to you so don't fail me now!

Thanks to everyone for voting! Hopefully on Saturday I'll post a picture of the winning dress WITH BRIAN MAY!


  1. I like options 3 & 4 for you. Both dresses have unique patterns that will help you stand out from the crowd and be memorable, and they are both really nice but kind of va-va-voom with the curve huggings. And they both look great with flats (which I think you'll need for walking around town and in the Met - it's huuuuuuge).

    However, if you plan for a long day, think of which dress will be most comfortable for you and what piece would also stand up to hours of wear too.

    Whichever you choose, though, you're going to look great and have a wonderful time!

  2. I like the brown dress! I think the Banana Dress and Secret Treasures aren't rockstar enough to go meet a rockstar...and I just like the brown dress!

  3. the 1st and last ones are the best- I prefer the last dress ;)

  4. I prefer the last one too! Cute!

  5. I prefer the FIRST one, because it's bright and green and no one will miss you in it! maybe wear a standout necklace for an even bigger impact!! He's a rockstar! You gotta stand out and step it up girlfriend! LOL

    I love all the dresses though, but here are my reasonging for not picking the others for this specific event (yes, I'm bored at work and have had too much coffee):

    #2: Lovely, but a little too office-ish, chic for me.

    #3: Too wedding/babys hower event-ish.

    #4: This would be my second pick but I didn't choose because it didn't stand out to me as much as the green.

    I really do love all of these dresses, however :)

    Can't wait to see your pick!

  6. i vote for the brown dress! love it with that necklace. very chic, and it's understated enough that when you show off your pics to your future grandkids, you'll look totally classic!

  7. Definitely #2, the ATL ruffle dress. It looks AMAZING on you. Seriously. I was wow-ed by it on the website, and then kind of disappointed in person when I tried it on. It looks so good on you though, like it was made for you!

  8. I prefer number 4 as well because it's colorful and has a lot of patterns. I also think it's very flattering. :)

  9. My favorite is the second/brown one, although I hear you on pockets.

    I also like the first (green) dress with your hair pulled up like is for the brown dress. (Do we get to pick your hairdo, too? ;)

    They're all really pretty, though. You can't go wrong. Hope you have a great time meeting Dr. May.

  10. I adore the secret treasures dress on you so I vote for that one. I think the color looks fab on you and really I don't think it's too bright, though I think it could make you stand out in a good way! The swirling villages dress would be my second pick, it's a very fun dress! The brown dress is very pretty too but I'm just wondering if the color might be too blah for such a momentous occasion, you don't want to blend in with the crowd too much!

  11. I vote the swirling villages dress. You look great in all of them. It was a tough decision. My second choice is the secret treasure.

  12. My vote is for #2, then #4. I think #2 looks fantastic on you and I like the bright aqua necklace you paired with it, I'd definitely change into it later on though b/c of the wrinkle issue.

  13. The green or the brown one. :)

  14. Number 2 is the nicest on you. sexy and slimming. great fit.

    Daisy Dayz Home

  15. I like options 1 & 2!

    I was listening to my favorite radio station today, 93.3 WMMR in Philly & Brian May was the in studio guest! I immediately thought of you! He was spectacular. They usually do podcasts of their interviews so you might want to check it out. He was on the Preston & Steve show. If you need help finding it - shoot me a message!


  16. I voted for the swirling villages dress. It's much more fun and whimsical and would great in your header.


  17. I like the Loft dress, or the last one. You want to look hot for Dr. May, and those two do the trick!

  18. FreddiesShootingStarJuly 20, 2010 at 6:10 PM

    OK, I'll leave a comment because clicking didn't seem to help!!*LOL* I vote for dress #1 and no I don't thinks it's too bright. :-D

  19. #1 and #4==green Secret Treasures looks great on you and Swirling Villages is definitely different.

  20. I vote for #1- the green is just so nice on you and you will be comfy!!
    Have fun and I hope you get a picture with him!!!

  21. I haven't read everyone else's comments yet, but I'm going to vote for option 2 simply because I really like it on you. Sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

  22. I like #4. It's smart and classy. #2 is very pretty on you, but not for this event. Plus, hello!! Swirling Villages? A Village Lost and Found? Please. It's a no brainer. :)

  23. I vote #4! It is such a fun piece. You look so pretty in all of them, though, so you can't go wrong! :)

  24. Option 4. #1 is a close second.

  25. I think you already know that I vote for the ATL brown silk dress, since I was with you when you bought it! Now it is officially my vote:it is classic, sophisticated, and "trustworthy" ;-)

  26. Very hard to decide since you look so pretty in all of them! #2 wins out for me though :)

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