Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Roger Taylor!

Today is Roger Taylor's 61st Birthday! Happy Birthday, Roger!

I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that RT is my favorite member of Queen (although after Friday night, Dr. May has certainly upped the ante and is giving RT a run for his money!). RT is the reason why I'm a Queen fan and since branching out to his solo stuff I've really come to appreciate that as well.

Husband always says that it looks like RT takes himself so seriously because he doesn't smile on any of his album photos. I've tried telling Husband that RT is, in fact, a bit of a goof, but he doesn't believe me. So in celebration of RT's birthday (and to prove Husband wrong), here are some pictures of RT being goofy!

This one was published in Mick Rock's book and is from the early to mid-1970s

The writing on this photo says its from 1993, but that doesn't seem right to me. I'd say this is from the mid-1980s. In any event, is this a photo that RT should have used as an album cover, Husband?

Or perhaps this photo, taken during the video shoot for I'm Going Slightly Mad.

And who can forget this one from I Want to Break Free?

Or here (RT's on the right) with Freddie Mercury (center) on the set of Freddie's solo song The Great Pretender.

Should we be concerned that our boy likes dressing in drag so much (and for that matter that he looks so darn good as a woman)? Here's another more recent one:

Supposedly this is RT on the right. I truly don't see it, but a very reliable source claims it to be true. I do always say that RT went through a rather dodgy looking period in the mid-90s when this picture was taken.

Sometimes his costume is slightly less elaborate though:

But our boy just doesn't have fun on video shoots and at costume parties, I'm not quite sure what he's doing here, but Dr. May certainly seems amused.

 And RT is an animal lover too - I wonder what Dr. May would have to say about this one?

I tried to avoid photographs when RT was obviously intoxicated, but this one is just too funny to not post:

Happy Birthday Roger! Don't celebrate too much!


  1. hahaha cute pics...he is quite the character!

  2. I've been waiting sooooo long to finally post this! I think it was like the first post I put together when I started the blog! LOL In London, his birthday is over already now. Boo! I hope he had a fun day! :)