Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Horrible Queen News: Application Rejected!

I've mentioned previously how Dr. May and RT collaborated with Ben Elton several years back to create a musical using Queen songs titled "We Will Rock You" (see here).

As I was poking around the We Will Rock You website, I discovered a satellite website titled Schools Will Rock You.  The site licenses schools to perform We Will Rock You. The cost to license the show is shockingly cheap (120 pounds , or about $180, for 7 performances over 18 months!)

Since my mother is a drama teacher, I immediately demanded that she apply for a license which she did. Today she received an email with the subject "Schools Will Rock You: Application Rejected" then it says that she didn't meet the criteria for a license.


I am highly upset for several reasons. First, not living in Europe, this was my chance to actually see the musical. I mean I talk so much about it, I'd like to have an actual educated opinion as to whether it's any good! Second, I had already appointed myself in charge of publicity, i.e. contacting Dr. May and RT and inviting them to opening night, so now I'm out of my unofficial (and imaginary) job!

I told my mom she should appeal.

Come to think of it, I should just complain to RT directly. Perhaps if I offer him more studio effects (see here and here), I can change his mind. Honestly, at this point he could record his entire album singing into a megaphone and I wouldn't care: just release some new music and let my mom's school perform We Will Rock You! See I'm easy - that's seriously all I want!
Oh and this, but we can discuss that later!

This is not over, Schools Will Rock You. Sleep with your eyes open!

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