Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running Essentials: Running Skirt

The first time I went for a "run" in my adult life, I was 21 years old. I was home for the summer and my mom and I would run around the track at our gym. 15 laps equaled 1 mile. We'd walk/run 1 mile, maybe 2. Then we'd go home.
A few years later, I started running races. I had realized a few things by then: (1) it was not a good idea to eat dinner and then immediately go for my run, as my mom and I had been doing up until that point; (2) it was not a good idea to wear the free race shirt while running the race; and (3) races happen rain or shine and since you paid your money, you should probably get out there even if it's raining. It was this last realization that encouraged me to start buying moisture-wicking running clothes.

"UGH," I know you are thinking, "Again with the moisture wicking?" But, people, I can't help it. It makes such a difference. So fast forward to January 2009. I'm training for my Disney Princess Half Marathon and a running buddy tells me she has purchased a new purple running skirt just for the occasion. My ears immediately perked up: Purchased? Purple? Running? Skirt? Um those are like four of my favorite words and they had been strung together into one sentence. "Tell me more," I requested.

After hearing about these wonderful things called running skirts, I purchased one too (in pretty pink to match my homemade tutu). (This picture was taken post-half marathon and look, my tiara is still sitting perfectly on my head. I really am a princess!) The point of the picture, however, is to show that I was a vision in pink: tank top, tutu, and running skirt.
I was amazed at how much I liked the skirt. It didn't ride up while I was running as shorts tend to do(especially with someone who has larger thighs *ahem* like me). The underlining of the skirt is sewn in a way that the seam is facing out not in towards your body so no chaffing! Yay! And I look adorable! Following the race, I swore I'd never run in shorts again.

And I haven't! There seems to be a pretty definite line in the female running community on running skirts: ladies either love them or loathe them. I wonder, though, if the ladies who don't like running skirts have ever actually run in them. There are tons of companies out there jumping on the running skirt trend, but Cindy and Christy at are my favorite. I own five of their skirts (I prefer the Athletic Style, size 4) and they are great. They've held up well, fit great, and are moisture wicking material! Yay!

The first time I ordered from them, Husband placed the order and goofed. Instead of a pink Athletic Style Skirt, size 4, he ordered a pink Running Style Skirt, size 2. Zoinks! I emailed customer service and that same day (it was around Christmas time) got a call from Christy herself! She arranged for me to return the skirt I had and then reserved two sale skirts for me in the warehouse so I got two skirts for the price of one! I think she felt bad for me that Husband had ordered such a small size!

These skirts have pockets on each side to stash GU, chapstick, or keys. I wouldn't pack these pockets too full (or else the skirt starts to slide down!), but there is definitely enough room for lightweight essentials.  There are a number of colors and sizes available and if you are ordering for a large group, they'll give you a discount!

Happy Running!


  1. Kathleen,

    I looked at the running skirt website the other day when you posted - I especially love the red polka dot one! I am contemplating getting one, but I'm worried about looking slightly insane... though you look adorable! :)


  2. I hear you! I used to wear shorts to the gym and then I tried the running skirt on for size. I love it! What I like is I can go places after my work out and feel a bit more dressed/presentable. Plus I just feel saucy in it.

  3. Caroline - I totally understand feeling silly at first. The first time I ran around my neighborhood, everyone looked at me like I was crazy! But honestly, the skirt is soooo much better than any shorts I've ever worn I don't even care! I definitely recommend trying them!

    Jacquelyn - That's a bonus I forgot to mention! I have a friend that lives in her running skirts during the summer - she looks cute and is always ready for a workout! And they are saucy! :)

  4. Hi! I just found your are so cute! I am a runner too....I run mostly half marathons and 15k's. I agree with you that you need to have the wicking fabric. It makes all the difference. I haven't tried a running skirt though. Do you wear tighter tops with it? Keep up the good work on your blog :)

  5. Hi Carrie - Welcome! I love when people comment on the non-fashion stuff! I'd love to do 15Ks, but there are never any races that distance near me. I decided last year that 10 miles is my comfort limit for racing for 15K would be perfect! Oh well.

    I wear pretty much anything on top with my running skirt - the waistband on this particular brand is really forgiving so I never have to deal with muffin top or anything equally horrible!