Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RT news is coming! RT news is coming! RT news is here!

Post today from the QueenOnline administrator: They have just come in...I will get to it tomorrow.

So this means what? If the administrator just sent along a dozen questions, did RT answer each one directly? If my question was picked, that basically means that I'm practically having a conversation with him directly (look he's talking to meeeeee!)

I do not think I can stand waiting for tomorrow (although since the boards are on U.K. time, tomorrow is sooner for them than it is for me so that's good news).

Here are my absolute wildest dreams about what the news could be.

1) New album, but released as a box set that includes previously unreleased solo material, The Cross songs, and live songs that I absolutely love but cannot figure out how to legally (heck even illegally) download off Youtube (see his first solo single from 1977 I Wanna Testify and its B side Turn On the TV, his cover of Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll, and his absolutely stunning version of Say It's Not True which differs from the album version where RT, Dr. May and Paul Rodgers share lead vocals.) And don't even get me started on everything by The Cross which was available for like fifteen minutes, twenty years ago, in Zimbabwe only.

2) Tour. I'm assuming this is a no brainer as well, but I'd absolutely die if he came to the U.S. Seriously, RT - one show anywhere in the U.S. and I'll be there. For some reason, even Alaska seems closer than freakin' England. If the tour is U.K. only, that makes things a little dicy. Husband mentioned a vacation to Spain later in the summer - perhaps I can convince him to change our earlier in the summer...and to England. ARG - RT just come to me! Why must you make things so difficult?

In my dreams, he'll do a tour of the East Coast. I would follow this man from D.C. to Boston (and beyond) if I had a chance to see him live more than once! I guess it all depends on how likely it is that Dr. May is interested in touring again. The rumor has always been that RT is the one who loves being on the road so if the prospects of a full blown Queen tour are slim, that might mean it's more likely that he'll do something larger scale on his own.  It might sound crazy that I'm willing to trade a Queen tour for a RT solo tour but here's the thing: if Queen tours again, they'll shack up with another singer which doesn't really appeal to me. My favorite part of the 2005 and 2008 tours were when RT set up his kit at the front of the stage and sang or when he and Dr. May took turns singing accoustically (see here and here). I wish they'd do that for a full tour, but I'm sure they won't so I'd rather have RT doing his RT thing which I know is awesome.

I'm not opposed to a tour with Taylor Hawkins either, but he seems to be pretty busy himself (see here) and the rumor is that the Foo Fighters are back in the studio this fall so that means anything RT does with him is going to have to be super quick which means likely limited to one continent which I'm 99.9% sure wouldn't be mine! Sorry Taylor, but you have to go!

3) He's moving to the U.S. full time. Actually, he's moving to my town full time and he'd like my opinion on which grocery stores, restaurants, and golf courses are the best. He'd also like to buy the house next door to me so we can be neighbors. He thinks we should get married and as a wedding gift, he'll give me this:
Oh just kidding! I don't need the guitar.

Seriously, tomorrow cannot come soon enough!

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