Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week Two: Keep On Running

Alright, readers, it's time to check in on my weekly half marathon training schedule. This week, due to a few unforeseen appointments, I ended up doing my first "brick" workout, which means two workouts-a-day. The heat has also caused me to slow down tremendously. A rule of thumb is that your pace slows 15-30 seconds/mile for each 5 degrees over 65: it was 80 degrees this morning when I finished my long run so you do the math. Perhaps I should call it my weekly long "crawl".

Monday:          3 easy miles
Tuesday:          5 miles (1 mile, 2x1600 m w/ 800m recoveries, 1 mile)
Wednesday:     Yoga
Friday:             2 easy miles/Yoga
Sunday:            7 mile long run

Yay! Week 2 is a success! In celebration, let's listen to RT's version of this post's namesake: Keep on Running (if I hadn't completed my workout this week, I would have made you listen to The Whisperers, probably the worst song ever so be grateful that I struggled through today's long run!).

Let the celebration and well wishing commence!


  1. Congrats on Week 2- only eight (?) more to go?

  2. That's so cool that you're running for a half. I did one back in Jan, and I felt great :).

  3. I'm training for a half too! Good for you on your excellent workout week!


  4. I love this feature. I'm also training for a half and this is helpful motivation.

    On another note, will you review the Sugar Coated Shirtdress? I'd love to see what you think and how it looks IRL. Thanks!

  5. Thanks everyone! And Victoria, you must be psychic, I was at Anthro this weekend and the Sugar Coated Shirtdress was one of the first things I grabbed. I'll post the review tomorrow morning!