Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 3: Keep On Running

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later: a week where I didn't get my act together and complete all my scheduled workouts. This week between doctor's appointments, my office picnic (which lasted hours longer than anticipated), continued hot temperatures and a fair amount of laziness, I skipped my long run which was supposed to be 8 miles. I also only managed to do one afternoon of yoga.

Let's see what I did do:

Monday:       2 miles
Tuesday:       Yoga
Wednesday:  3 miles
Saturday:      5 miles

It looks rather pitiful listed out like that, doesn't it. Bah! I'm entitled to a bad week every once in a while but I'm still not happy about it.

And now as punishment, we don't get to listen to RT's cover of Keep on Running, we have to listen to his unreleased solo song Two Sharp Pencils, which features RT's voice being electronically lowered and is about as dreadful as my training was this week.

Sorry to do that to you, folks. I'll try to get my act together next week!


  1. Well, at least the video was mildly amusing...

  2. yeah it was funny, he should release it now, it's kinda catchy!---but was that dr. may dressed up as a mama penguin? THAT was kinda scary!

  3. Haha yes, that is from their video for I'm Going Slightly Mad. In the same video, RT is wearing a teapot hat (I think I included that picture in his birthday post).

  4. Hey, do you remember that Runner's World article maybe six months ago by Benjamin Cheever (I think? Maybe?) in which he talked about not being able to run as much as he wanted. (Some kind of joint problem? I think? Maybe?) At first he was frustrated, and then he realized how much it improved his running that he just wasn't DOING it as much. Every time I get forced by life or health into missing a workout, I remember that. Rest can be good training too!


  5. I still say job well done this week! I know that I have to be flexible with myself and my workouts otherwise it just won't be as fun or beneficial for me. And these temperatures/humidity are enough to zap me of any energy I may have had left in the afternoon after work!
    Hope you have a great week this week! :)

  6. Beth - You're absolutely right! I remember years ago when I would do all my runs at race pace and then be so exhausted that I would always have to take the next day off. When I realized that I could slow down and run more often, my race pace got faster. Thanks for reminding me!

    Erin - Thanks! You're right too - a little rest never hurt anyone! I just have to do what I can so when this humidity finally ends, I can get back to my schedule without having lost too much fitness!