Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Stitch Fix #3

I went ahead and signed up for my third Stitch Fix fix as soon as I checked out last month. Since there was a May date available, I snagged it. In retrospect, I think monthly fixes might be too frequent for me. This whole month I was reluctant to look at or buy anything because I didn't know if something similar would be coming in my fix. I've heard that there is an automatic every other month option that was recently introduced so I think that timing might be perfect. Luckily the one thing I bought this month (a navy/green striped maxi skirt from Target) is unlike anything in this fix!

My Stitch Fix shipment arrived a day early again which is always such a treat! Though I hadn't specifically mentioned it, I have a big function for a group that I belong to tomorrow night and in the back of my mind I thought maybe I would get something to wear to that. Now I have an extra day to decide! Yay!

Initial impressions: I have a new stylist - again. I wonder if you have to request the same one or maybe they just give you a different stylist until you buy all five items? This month my stylist was Mia and she right away pleased me by referencing my blog reviews and my Pinterest board. So at least she's reading my past feedback. I also feel like it's probably a good thing for them to actually see a picture of me. Sure, they have all my sizing and I was totally honest about my short waist and big thighs, but having a visual can only improve the situation, right?

Here's the note she wrote me:

Hello from Stitch Fix Kathleen! I loved seeing your Stitch Fix review on your blog! It really makes styling you that much better. All of the feedback you give us is always so helpful. The Pomelo maxi dress is one of my favorite spring styles and will look great with a denim jacket and flats. I saw that you pinned the 41Hawthorn tank and thought you would like it in the yellow for spring to pair with your Just Black jeans [from Stitch Fix 1]. The 41Hawthorn top is a great spring color and can easily be dressed up for date night or paired with something casual to take the kids to school. Have fun trying everything on! I look forward to seeing your blog post. Xo, Mia

Right off the bat, I liked everything on the style card. No accessories, bags or jewelry (yay!) and a lot more color (which I had specifically requested). Already we're off to a good start. I had mentioned in my notes that even though I had started a Pinterest board, and actually pinned a few Stitch Fix items, I didn't necessarily want those items or those colors. I was just pinning styles I was drawn too: I didn't want them to think I was just making a wish list. So one thing that I pinned, Mia sent but in a different color. Everything else is a more subtle reflection of the styles I liked.

Lexis Chevron Print Henley Tank by Papermoon ($48)

Initial Impressions: Hm, more chevron. Until last month's fix, I didn't have any chevron in my closest and I can't say I felt it was a gaping hole. I also don't own any Henley tops: not that I don't like the style, it's just not something I'm drawn to so this will be the first one I've even tried on! I did really like the two ways that this top was styled and could see myself wearing it both ways. I also was much more attracted to the print and color of this top once I pulled it out of the box: the colors pop much more vibrantly than they do on the styling card. The material felt soft so I'm eager to try this one on.

After trying on: Husband's comment was that I looked like I belonged on "That 70s Show". Point taken. The top felt a bit on the short side to me. The pattern has a ton of colors in it and would go with a lot, but I'm not sure the Henley portion is sitting properly on my chest: it felt super baggy. My bra straps were also poking out in the back because there is the ever-so-slightest razorback.  Turns out my initial reaction was right on this one.

Status: Returned

Carmina Heathered Knit Dolman Sleeve Top by Oxmo ($48)

Initial Impressions: Stitch Fix seems to love sending me dolman tops: this is my third one. I did end up buying one in my first fix (and liked the second, but I already had one). I guess after a month of no dolman, they are trying again. On the style card, this top looks more grey but in person: "Holy 1980s, Batman!" There are neon blue, pink and yellow streaks throughout. Yikes. Another issue? It's long sleeves. It was 85 degrees here yesterday! I'm not sure I can get away with long sleeves all that often in the summertime. Again, the styling card showed two very "Kathleen friendly" options (i.e. light jean crops/sandals and black jeans/heels), but I'm not sure that's going to be enough to convince me on this one.

After trying on: Okay, yes this top is long sleeved, but it's also thin. I guess that's supposed to make it wearable in the summer but all it did for me was point out the waistband of both pairs of pants (which I HATE!) The top is also not sitting great in the second picture (that's Husband's fault for not giving me any wardrobe instructions before snapping away). The neons are a lot more muted once the top is on, but I'm still not a fan of this one. Enough with the dolman tops, Stitch Fix!

Status: Returned

Fiona Embroidery Detail Striped Maxi Dress by Pomelo ($78)

Initial Impressions: I must be some sort of maxi dress psychic, because just like last month, I literally just read a review that included this dress! This dress has lace detail at the top which I did think was cute (although means I have to bust out the strapless bra - meh). I actually pinned a lace sleeved sweatshirt so I wonder if this was Mia's summer version of that. It's navy and cream which is still neutral, but comes across as much prettier than the grey/black dress I got last month. I held it up to myself and it seems like it might be long enough. That'll be the real test, I think!


After trying on: Now we're into murkier waters. As you can see, I only styled this dress one way. I was convinced that it was showing every lump and bump and I figured trying to fix it would be a lost cause, but the picture actually came out kind of nice so now I'm torn. It's definitely long enough and, even better news, I can wear my regular bra with it as long as it's a nude color. I didn't take a sideways picture so it's possibly a disaster from that direction. Help!

Status: ???

Alessandra Striped & Colorblocked Blouse by 41 Hawthorn ($54)

Initial Impressions: This is the top that I had pinned in a bright blue color. Mia sent me the yellow version. It's a really cute top but the material felt weird. I checked the fabric content and - yup - 100% polyester. On my style profile I asked to avoid polyester and they have up until this point. Granted I did pin this top, but obviously I can't tell the fabric content when I see a random item online. I kind of wish Mia had overruled me on this. And the price point is higher than the three non-poly options! I'll still try it on and it might be cute but it just seems like it will be really hot for summer.

After trying on: Well geesh I knew there was a reason I pinned this top: it's freakin' adorable! I liked it as a casual everyday outfit and then also as a going out outfit (not that I ever do, but a girl likes to have options!) I really really wish this was the nice soft material that the chevron top was. Husband liked this top the best (aside from the dress) and I really did too! Ugh but polyester? What's a girl to do?

Status: ???

Selfridge Cowl Neck Long Sleeve Top by 41 Hawthorn ($48)

Initial Impressions: Another long sleeved top? The weather must be much more mild wherever these fixes are coming from. In Connecticut we seriously go from snow to 80 degrees in the span of two weeks. There just isn't a big window for lightweight long sleeved tops to get much use. The color on this one is very pretty, but both of the styling options are pretty dressy (albeit cute). This is a top I'd be much more excited about if I were still working but unless I put it on and look like a supermodel, I'm predicting I'll pass!

After trying on: I'm not quite sure why the Stitch Fix stylists keep trying to swarth my upper body in fabrics. Between the dolman tops, the oversized V-neck from my last fix, and now this cowl neck, I'm starting to wonder! I definitely chose that I prefer tops fitted to my body and straight options on the bottom, but it seems like I keep getting the reverse. I said to Husband as I stepped outside to take this photo, "This is a nightmare of fabric," and it is: lovely, soft fabric, but way too much of it. It's another thin long sleeved top but again that leads to a game of jean peek-a-boo. I didn't even bother styling this one the second way since it was so much dressier than I'm ever going to be (and I don't currently own a skirt! Ha!)

Status: Returned

So right now it's between the Alessandra Striped & Colorblocked Blouse and the Fiona Embroidery Detail Striped Maxi Dress. I'm not entirely sure I love either but the thought of losing my $20 (even though it was referral credits) is a tough choice to make. I feel like so many of these were close but then didn't work out. I loved all the color in the box (except maybe the neons - I don't need that much color!) and they definitely listened to my feedback about the dress length so we're making progress.

What should I do?

** Disclaimer ** I wasn't compensated for this review by Stitch Fix, but if you use my referral link to sign up, I get a $25 credit when you receive your first fix. Then you get your own code to distribute and potentially receive $25 in credit when your friends sign up. Neat, huh?

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  1. I think I'd keep the dress over the blouse if you think you'd wear it often. Navy and white is such a summer staple and the lacy top gives it that extra detail.