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Stitch Fix #2 Review

I had originally scheduled my second Stitch Fix shipment for mid-May (after receiving my first in mid-January), but then I kept pushing the date further and further up until it was finally in mid-April. I really hoped to get some nice summer clothes and since temperatures here tend to hop from 45 to 75 overnight, I figured the early the better for receiving some new options!

So for any newcomers, the gist of Stich Fix is this:

1) You register for Stitch Fix and fill out an extensive fashion and style profile.
2) When you are ready to receive a shipment, pay a $20 styling fee.
3) When your box arrives, try on the five items they send, decide which to keep and send any rejected items back in the prepaid shipping envelope.
4) Check-out online to pay for your purchases (the $20 styling fee goes towards any items you purchase. If you choose to keep nothing, you forfeit the $20). If you keep all five of your items, you save 25%!

Neat, right? Especially for someone like me who basically needs a whole new wardrobe thanks to both post-baby weight loss and lifestyle change (as a stay-at-home mom).

This shipment was originally scheduled to arrive on Thursday, but tracking info suggested it would arrive on Wednesday. Then I went out to get the mail on Tuesday and it was sitting on my front porch. Definitely a nice surprise for it to arrive early, but be warned since you only have three days to return unwanted items! Don't schedule your Fix to arrive around a time you are planning on being away or too busy to try things on! Luckily my schedule was wide open this week so I had all the time in the world to pour over the contents of my box.

The first thing I noticed about my second Fix was that I had a new stylist. I was a little disappointed about that: I feel like Megumi really got my style the first time and while ultimately I only kept two things, I really did like all five things included in my box. See my first review here. I had left really detailed feedback (about the delicate nature of the applique cardigan and that I didn't need two tops so similar in the same Fix) and had hoped to see where Megumi would go while preparing my next Fix.

Alas, I got a new stylist, Anna, who for the most part sent me things that I liked, but weren't really practical. I'd wager a guess that most of these stylist aren't yet moms (just because Stitch Fix stylist seems like a trendy just out of college job), but just by looking at the style cards I felt like Megumi had really nailed the easy yet put together style I was looking for whereas Anna maybe struggled a bit more. Despite these initial misgivings, I eagerly unpackaged my Fix and started inspecting the offerings.

Leya Thermal Knit Short Sleeve Top by Tart ($54)

First impressions: This top was the item that most caught my eye when I opened the box. I love a striped top and red is not a color I tend to wear a lot so I own no summer clothes like this. I had specifically asked for no white, but I was willing to give Anna a pass on this because it's technically not all white and I love striped tops so much! When I lifted the top out of the box, I was immediately struck by two things. One, which was good, was that there is a neat keyhole opening in the back which makes this top a lot more interesting than just a plain basic tee. Second, which was bad, is that this top seems very delicate. It's called "thermal knit" but the fabric seemed to stretch far more than any thermal I've ever encountered and seemed prone to snags. Obviously not a good thing when I've constantly got a two year old pawing at me!

I'm an idiot: ignore the price tags peeking out of the adorable keyhole! In my defense, it was 33 degrees outside when I took these pictures! 33 degrees! On April 16th! That is ridiculous! I'm wearing sandals here, people! All so I can write about my Stitch Fix experience! For you! You're welcome!
After trying on: Meh, this top completely underwhelmed me once I got it on. The knit just clung to my (smaller but still) post-baby tummy and the scoop on the hem did absolutely nothing for me. I liked the keyhole back, but really nothing else about this top. If it had just been a plain cotton t-shirt with the keyhole back, I would have kept it in a heartbeat! Such a disappointment.


Wrenn V-Neck Jersey Top by Pomelo ($44)

First impressions: This top has been making the Stitch Fix blog review's circuit for a few months now in a variety of colors. My mom even received a Stitch Fix a few months back and this was included in a teal shade. Although it's just jersey, the style of this top seems overly dressy for a stay-at-home mom. Even the two outfits on the style card appear to be a work outfit and a going out outfit. No casual option to be seen! The one thing about this top that did peak my interest is that it's a lovely shade of royal purple, but even that strikes me as more of a fall/winter color. We'll see how it looks on, I suppose.

The only thing I changed about these two looks were the jeans.
Jeans: Just Black (from my last Stitch Fix)
Capris: Old Navy
After trying on: This is not a very forgiving top: I can see the tops of both of the jeans I'm wearing above and I hate when that happens. I also had to take about ten pictures to hide all the lumps and bumps and if I'm being completely honest - I'm probably sucking in a bit in both these shots. The neckline just feels so formal to me. If I were still working I'd probably keep this one in a heartbeat, but for just hanging out on the playground it's a pass.


Erie Mini Reversible Crossbody Tote by Street Level ($48)

First impressions: Oh crap, did I not check off "No handbags" on the style profile? I immediately ran to the computer to check only to discover that there is no "No handbags" option so I just have to remember to type that 100 times in my comments from now on. Now I'm fully aware that this is going to come off as snotty, but if I'm going to invest in a handbag, I want to invest in a handbag. I learned my lesson several years back when I purchased a cheap handbag from Macy's and just months later, it was a mess: strings everywhere, stains, no shape. A disaster. One of my Coach bags, on the other hand, lasted 6 years as my everyday work bag. It lugged enormous files, water bottles, and everything in between and yet looks like I just bought it yesterday. So strike one against this bag is that it's $48 and obviously not real leather. Sorry, but if I'm buying a handbag, I'm investing in one that's going to last me more than a few months. Strike two is that I think handbags are really personal: some people like big pockets, some don't, others like crossbody, others don't. It's just too much of a gamble and the style profile asks ZERO questions about handbags. Strike three is that this bag is labeled "mini" and it totally is: it's like a little Barbie handbag. I could barely fit my wallet and phone in here, let alone diapers, wipes, snacks, water, Band-Aids and the other 300 things I must bring when we leave the house. Big fail on this one.

After trying on: I didn't even bother trying to figure out how to attach the strap.


Ben Mixed Stripe Jersey Maxi Dress by Mystree ($78)

First impressions: I'd hoped that they'd send a maxi dress, but didn't want to specifically ask for a maxi dress because I didn't want them to send four. I figured for a summer time Fix, it was a given that they'd send at least one dress. I'd actually seen a review that included this dress earlier in the week so I'd seen it before. I'm least excited about the color palate of this dress: Anna wrote that the dark colors will "hide any dirt" I encounter, but a bright color in a washable fabric would have worked too! There are so many gorgeous corals and mints and radiant orchids out there right now, I would have loved some of that. And I'm pretty sure I included in my style profile that I'm pear shaped so I'm not sure why extra ribbons of fabric crisscrossing my already wide lower half is a good thing. Maybe Stitch Fix should consider not publishing reviews until items are out of circulation. It might just be me, but even if I love this dress on, I'd still be a little sad that it wasn't a total surprise when I opened the box.

Ugh ignore my beastly arms: I haven't been to boot camp in a month due to a pinched nerve in my back!
After trying on: One thing I hate about maxi skirts/dresses is I never know what the length is supposed to be. Short people whine about maxi dresses touching the floor, but then tall people complain when they don't. Which is it, people? Am I going to look like a freak wearing this thing out when I've got a good 6-8 inch clearance between the dress and the floor? I specifically said that I have long legs so I'm sad Anna didn't select a dress that had a longer length (like my beloved Megumi did with my black jeans from last time around). I'm also not sure the neckline is doing me any favors. It just seems very dumpy and frumpy and the dress itself is hugging every single curve I've got. Yikes. I can find a much better maxi dress out there!


Lila Chevron Panel Knit Tank by Loveappella ($54)

First impressions: I liked that it was chevron without being chevron all over. That's a trend that may be on its way out the door, but this tank I feel like I could get away with when it's long gone. The blue and teal were nice colors and I liked how, despite having a razorback, it also had regular straps so it can be worn with a regular bra. It did look rather enormous though. This is another sizing issue: when something runs so big, how do you know when it's the style and when it's too big? This is a Medium, which is my true size, but maybe I need a Small when something is so big like this. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a sack! Granted, it would be a pretty teal chevron sack, but nonetheless a sack!

Styled for summer and fall.
Shorts: Old Navy
Jacket: Athleta
Pants: Just Black (from my last Stitch Fix)

Pretty back but no special bra needed! Yay!

After trying on: I like this top. It doesn't look like anything else I currently own, but goes with the type of "easy but stylish" vibe I'm trying to give off this summer. The style card suggests white pants and a denim jacket or an A-line knit skirt. I'm more likely to go with the former look just because I think with a wide hemmed shirt like this, I need a thinner bottom to balance out my lower half. I think it would look nice with shorts too.

Overall, this Stitch Fix was a bit of a disappointment. I felt like Megumi really got my style, my figure, and my lifestyle last time around and with Anna, not so much. The fact that my mom and I got even one item in common is a joke: I'm a 5'9" stay-at-home mom who asked for easy summer outfits and she's a 5' retiree who wanted nicer items to wear on her South Pacific cruise. The bag, in particular, was a big disappointment. That's a whole extra article of clothing that I didn't even get to try. Granted I didn't specifically say "no bags" but I had said no to all other accessories so I feel like it maybe should have been inferred. Bummer.

I've got some referral credits so essentially I'll get the chevron tank as well as my next Fix free so I'm definitely trying again. I also started a Pinterest board which I'll pin too next time around to give them a better idea of my specific style. And, of course, detailed feedback is a must. While I'm a tad disappointed, it does seem like your first few Fixes can be hits or misses while they try to figure you out. Perhaps because my first Fix was so spot on, this Fix seems to be more of a miss than it actually was. If I received this Fix first, I might be more excited about everything, but short of a time machine there's no way of ever knowing!

If you do want to sign up (and you still totally should because it's still fun to get a box full of unknown goodies on your doorstep every month!), please use my referral code. I'll get $25 to use towards my next Fix and once you sign up, you'll get your own referral code to share with friends.

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