Friday, September 3, 2010

Queen Song of the Week: Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

We're currently moving through the tracks on Queen's 1975 album A Night at the Opera. This week's Queen Song of the Week is the second track on the album.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon was written by Freddie Mercury. Musically the song is in line with other vaudeville-esque songs like Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (click here) and Bring Back that Leroy Brown (click here).  Freddie was clearly a big fan of this style during the mid-70s as a second song appears on A Night at the Opera which is rather similar in sound. We'll get to that one in a few weeks.

Video courtesy of teddi2002

Relatively short in length (less than one and a half minutes), one of the most interesting things about this song is how the megaphone-style vocals were recorded. Remember this was back in 1975 before a lot of super advanced studio equipment was available so the band placed a pair of headphones inside a metal can to create the desired effect! Very clever, boys!

Freddie Mercury did all the vocals himself and for the guitars, Dr. May attempted to emulate the sound of spoons being played, keeping in line with the mood of the song.

Happy Listening!

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  1. What a great video! I truly love their 70's glam era the most. This is a really cute song, and it's so interesting that it leads into I'm in Love with My car, which is very masculine and rock n roll sounding. The whole album is really diverse and has all these neat layers to it. Good pick!