Sunday, February 14, 2010

Running Essentials: CW-X tights

I've written about cold weather running before. In New England, I have to deal with it starting in November and lasting through March. Typically a regular running pant is enough, but on those super frigid freezing days, I get out my CW-X tights. A salesman at my local running store first showed me these tights in fall of 2008. He assured me that they were absolutely amazing, that he could run in temperatures below 0 and be totally comfortable, that the "Support Web" bands would keep my muscles fresh and stabilized, and then at the end of my run, the tights would balance my checkbook.

Well, he didn't say that last part, but he might as well have. I just smiled and nodded at him and told him, "Maybe next year." I walked out of the store laughing to myself, "Over $100 for running tights? He has got to be insane." That year winter came along and I froze my way through training for a half marathon. By the spring thaw, I eyed the CW-X tights again. This time I found them on sale at my favorite running gear website and I had a 20% off coupon. I figured, "What the heck," and submitted my order.

Oh my gosh! The first time I wore these tights, I felt like maybe I should seek out my local running store salesman and apologize to him because honestly and truly these tights are amazing! I ordered them in black/grey, size Large. Now, they are tights so they are...well...tight. CW-X should make shapewear for work because these babies suck you in! I usually pull on a second pair of pants or a running skirt for modesty purposes.

The pants are lined with a nice warm fleece-like material which keeps me warm in super cold and super wet temperatures. I've worn these tights on 8 mile runs in pouring freezing rain without an issue. They are a bit short on me (I'm 5'8") so I usually wear some higher socks as opposed to my usual no-shows. That keeps my bare ankles covered and warm. The "Support Web" is really neat too - my legs feel less fatigued on runs when I've worn my tights and I'm less sore the next day. There's a key pocket in the waistband and a drawstring (as if I'd want to make these babies any tighter!)

When I bought these, I ended up paying about $75 for them, but honestly they are worth the full retail price of $110. If you live in New England (or Antarctica, same difference) and run in the winter, you need these tights!

Happy Running!

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